PelaStar is a unique combination of existing technologies and innovative engineering solutions that provides low cost access to the high quality wind energy resources found in water depths greater than 65 meters.

PelaStar will provide a life-cycle cost of energy lower than all bottom fixed and floating, competing offshore wind technologies. With this technology, a full field PelaStar wind plant can achieve a competitive cost of energy in an unsubsidized commercial market.

PelaStar has a number of features and benefits that set it above the competing floating technologies.

Simplicity of Design

The hull is an optimized steel structure that is simple and easy to build. There are no mechanical systems operating when deployed, and it avoids fatigue concerns with the welded joints of tubular members found on semi-submersible platforms.

Motions and Accelerations at the Turbine

Pitch, roll, and heave motions and accelerations are not found on PelaStar, which minimizes the motion and accelerations at the turbine that degrade performance and increase wear on bearings and other components.

Reliable Installation Schedules

Efficient quayside assembly, turbine testing, and partial commissioning significantly reduces offshore work, costly weather delays, and expensive offshore equipment support.

Compact Footprint

The tendons, with their vertical orientation under the hull, present a compact footprint that is advantageous in full-field plants as it reduces the risk of underwater interferences.

Lowest Cost of Energy

Technology developments have been focused on reducing the cost of energy, and calculations now indicate that PelaStar has the lowest capital costs of floating designs.